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ReadyNAS 2100 – Boot/Diagnostics Menu

By dbott | September 12, 2009

The ReadyNAS 2100 has a diagnostic menu that can be accessed to perform a number of tasks:


To re-install the RAIDiator firmware on the ReadyNAS while leaving the data volume intact, follow these steps:

  1. Power off the device.
  2. To enter the diagnostic boot menu, press and hold the SYS button while powering the unit on.  Keep pressing until all LEDs except the Disk ACT are on (this may take up to 30 seconds) then release the reset switch.   The LEDs will indicate the boot menu is active.
  3. Push the Backup button on the front panel three times to scroll through the menu to the OS Reinstall option
    USB LED off
    Disk 1 LED off
    Disk 2 LED off
    Disk 3 LED on
    Disk 4 LED off
  4. Press the SYS button once to confirm the menu selection and proceed with that option.
  5. The system will reboot.

BIG WARNING: Be very cautious as to which setting you select as you can inadvertently select FACTORY DEFAULT.  In the event that you have selected the FACTORY DEFAULT option, power down the NAS within 10 minutes.

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