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ReadyNAS – The specified network name is no longer available

By dbott | October 3, 2009

There appears to be an issue with ReadyDLNA Auto Update (and perhaps Twonky) that causes Windows to generate an error message similar to the following when copying files to the ReadyNAS:

Cannot copy <filename>: The specified network name is no longer available.

User NiLe at the ReadyNAS forums has identified a work-around that seems to fix the problem:

If you have “Auto update” enabled in ReadyDLNA (and/or Twonky if you have this installed) it causes a “Network connection no longer available” error when you try to copy files to a media folder. If you disable the “Auto update” option everything is fine. If you copy a single small file or overwrite an existing file you are fine in most cases. If you copy a folder (so a new folder is created in the ReadyNAS) containing a large media file (video, flac etc) you get “Network connection no longer available” every time if you have “Auto update” enabled in ReadyDLNA.

I have tried this from several computers running WinXP SP3 to a ReadyNAS Duo with Radiator 4.1.6

This problem seems to occur to a lot of people but it took some time to find the answer in the forum. Maybe a moderator could add it to the FAQ until this is solved or make the thread below (where I found the answer) sticky:

In a nutshell, ReadyDLNA (and/or Twonky) starts scanning before the file transfer is complete. Disabling the Automatically update database setting should prevent this error from occurring until such time that the developers can fix the problem.  After adding new content, you will need to click the Rescan Media Files to update your database.



Update #2:

The ReadyNAS Team has released an update to ReadyDLNA that addresses this issue.  Please update to the latest version (2009/11/09):

Update #1:

ReadyNAS forum user bweinel adds that he resolved it by turning off NTP updates:

I had the same issue here during long transfers to the ReadyNAS after updating one of our ReadyNAS 1100s from ver 3.x RAIDiator to ver 4.1.6. After much head scratching and testing, the issue here turned out to be what I suspect is a bug in the NTP clock update priority. If you have auto clock updates turned on, and a long file transfer is in progress to the NAS when the clock update occurs, the transfer bombs out. I found that in every occurrence here the NTP was showing that it had updated the clock in the system log at roughly the same time my transfer bombed out. I disabled the NTP updates and the problems here went away.

I know in some other posts users had mentioned this issue could be related to the ReadyDLNA and that by disabling the ReadyDLNA “Automatically update database” setting the problem could be resolved. This was not the case here, as ReadyDLNA was never enabled in the first place.

I believe my system was trying for an NTP update at some ridiculous interval (once every 5 minutes or so). I suspect you could leave NTP turned on if you changed the conf file to only do updates once or twice per day… but I’d have the figure out exactly where that is located. It appears that the O/S is using ntpdate to do the clock updates (probably initiated by a cron job.) More investigation will be needed to see exactly whats firing off ntpdate. (BTW: …input from Netgear O/S gurus is welcomed! 8^) )


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2 Responses to “ReadyNAS – The specified network name is no longer available”

  1. Unofficial ReadyNAS Getting Started Guide | The Bott Blog Says:
    February 2nd, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    […] ReadyNAS – The specified network name is no longer available […]

  2. Briain Says:
    May 6th, 2010 at 9:33 am

    The issue about Twonky rescan being set to -1 has been about for a while. Another way round it is to upload your media to a directory outside the ones monitored by Twonky, and then when that has been done, drag and drop them to their final resting place within the Twonky monitored directory.

    As you are uploading the media to the share, then moving the files to another folder on that same share, the second move does not actually moving any data; just the ‘information’ about its location. This means the move is near instantaneous and will thus will not cause problems with the Twonky scanner.