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CPU Specs of the ReadyNAS

By dbott | December 3, 2010

Don’t take this as gospel, but I believe the CPU specs are as follows:

Sparc Line

Duo – sparc-based IT3107
NV+ – sparc-based IT3107

Ultra Line

Ultra2 – 1.8 GHz Atom D425 (single core) [Update: Starting May 2011 Ultra2 will ship with 1.5 GHz CPU; performance difference is minimal, if any; price decreased by $100.]
Ultra2 Plus – 1.8 GHz Atom D525 (dual core)
Ultra4 – 1.66 GHz Atom D410 (single core)
Ultra4 Plus – 1.66 GHz Atom D510 (dual core)
Ultra6 – 1.66 GHz Atom D510 (dual core)
Ultra6 Plus – E2160 1.8Ghz CPU (dual core)

Pro Line

First Generation (which will likely be discontinued once current supply has been sold off):
NVX Pioneer Edition – Intel Tolapai SiC @ 1.06 GHz
NVX Business Edition – Intel Tolapai SiC @ 1.06 GHz
Pro Pioneer Edition – E2160 1.8Ghz CPU (dual core)
Pro Business Edition – E2160 1.8Ghz CPU (dual core)

Second Generation:
Pro2 – 1.8 GHz Atom D525 (dual core)
Pro4 – 1.66 GHz Atom D510 (dual core)
Pro6 – E5300 2.6Ghz CPU (dual core)

When the Pro was first announced a few years back, a number of users requested a diskless version of the Pro. Netgear released the “Pioneer Edition” of the Pro (and subsequently, the NVX) with a reduced feature-set (no Active Directory support, no SNMP, no snapshots, etc.) in a diskless chassis to satisfy these users. The problem was that it created some confusion, as some folks bought it thinking that it had the same features as the pre-populated units (aka “Business Edition”).

I’m guessing that Netgear has decided to re-brand the products to avoid confusion. Business users requiring things like AD support, snapshots, rsync-over-ssh, enterprise-class disks, 5-yr warranty, etc. should buy the Pro. Home users not requiring those features should buy the Ultra.

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2 Responses to “CPU Specs of the ReadyNAS”

  1. wald dyckhoff Says:
    January 13th, 2011 at 9:02 am

    I am a readynas reseller and frequently visit your site for product information. I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for your work.

    Regarding CPU specs of ReadyNAS, do you have this information also available for rackmounted models, in particular I would like to know CPU specs for Readynas 3100.

    Wald Dyckhoff

  2. SDouek Says:
    April 7th, 2011 at 4:41 am

    Time to update they came out with a new pro 6 diskless and I think the processor is a 1 x Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz ( Dual-Core ) and not 2.6