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What To Do When Expansion Doesn’t Start

By dbott | June 4, 2011

The Netgear ReadyNAS network attached storage device is designed to allow for easy upgrade and expansion.  The ReadyNAS can be configured to operate in a number of different RAID modes:

In order to expand your volume automatically, you must have configured your ReadyNAS for one of the X-RAID modes.  If you are running any of the Flex-RAID modes, you will not be able to expand your volume without backing up & restoring your data*.

*Notes: starting with RAIDiator 4.2.16 (for x86-based ReadyNAS devices only) volume expansion is now supported in Flex-RAID mode.


See this demonstration of X-RAID2 in action:


What to do in the event that expansion does not start after upgrading your disks

There are a few options that can prevent X-RAID from expanding automatically:

Login to Frontview and check to see if any apply and temporarily change the setting to what is listed below.

After changing the settings go into Frontview > System > Shutdown > Check and Fix Quotas on next boot and expansion should begin.

If you’re still having difficulties, please see this very thorough how-to by mdgm over at the ReadyNAS forums:

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