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Back Online

By dbott | November 14, 2011

If you’re reading this, obviously my system is back up & running.  One of my disks barfed up a massive amount of RAS errors and I had another that was coughing up a few every couple of weeks, so I started to look at replacing them with larger ones. Of course, pricing on new 2 TB drives has doubled since the flood and the 2 TB Hitachi’s I bought back in May for 109.00 each are now 199.99:

Rather than drop $400+ on a couple of new drives, I decided that I since I hadn’t upgraded Prosey to 4.2.19 yet (nor done the obligatory factory default to get ext4), it might be a good time to do a little “drive shuflling” and rebuild Prosey with 2 x 500 GB and the 2 x 2 TB drives I was using in my DuoV2 during the beta test.

The DuoV2 will get 2 old 500 GB drives from the Pro, while the 2 other 500 GB drives are being RMA’d to Seagate.


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